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The Library Management System (LMS)

The Assembly installed an LMS to preserve and archive content, at the same time, share for the benefit of both Members of the County Assembly, staff and the public. This is made possible through a public IP address which makes it accessible on the web via mobile electronic devices and computers.

The system provides access to papers and documentation in real-time and one can do a Ctrl-find while viewing documents. Printing is only done on need basis thus saving on paper while physical storage space is reduced and time to find needed information hastened.

The functionalities of LMS include:

  1. Access to Assembly Journals and routing for access by both staff and MCAs. These include Committee Reports, Communications, Bills, Order Papers, Motions, Statements, Petitions, the Hansard, Acts, Policies and Budget Documents.
  2. Management of Circulation including borrowing of Library Resource Materials.
  3. Web access to Assembly Library reference services via the NetOPAC
  4. Link to Electronic resources and Databases such as legal e-books and publications to assist in legislative research, legal drafting and report writing.